The Raw Attractive Power All Men Have that Women Won’t Admit to Feeling

This is from a Video by YouTube user MyNonLeatherLife

EDIT: The book I mentioned is Mode One by Alan Roger Currie

This may be the most revealing video I have ever made. I didn’t want to share this secret of the female mind but thought I should. I may have to make another more concise video on it but I will summarize my point below:

Just like heterosexual men see women differently than hetero women see women…. WOMEN see men differently than men could ever see themselves. It’s just a lot of women won’t tell men that they sense the fundamental core male energy that all men possess. Yes ALL men. I see it in literally any guy simmering under the surface. I guess sense it would be a better word as it is, as much as I hate that word, an energy, that affects the body.

SO this energy is simmering in men all the time but most men do not bring it out. You could go through a whole date with a girl with her sensing it simmering under the surface but you don’t bring it out, and she rejects you. Does that mean you were unattractive or that the fact that you didn’t bring it out was unattractive? It’s the latter.

What is this energy? Well I know it’s there but if I had to put words to it it’s the power of knowing that

  1. It’s a real live man
  2. He’s somewhat fundamentally unknowable and mysterious in his man desires and point of view
  3. He’s got desire for women
  4. And lighter fluid in the form of excess testosterone and physical strength and wild physicality
  5. That he has like raw emotional intensity and strength just from being a larger, almost more wild rough version of a woman

All that is sitting there in check. Like I said you could get laughed at and rejected and the girl still knows all of that is inside you, subconsciously. She knows if you knew how to tap into it you could bring it out at any time. But you don’t so you won’t. So she can sleep easy.

Ways you can bring it out are through raw honesty about what you feel and want. Not watered down the slightest amount. In the excellent book Mode One by Alan Roger Currie that describes something similar, he says if guys took a truth serum and had to say what was ACTUALLY?? on their minds they would be suddenly much more attractive to women. They would be bringing out their RAW actually PRIMAL desires, and that is what women find attractive not your trying to impress her and flatter her. Women want to have the experience of a real live wildcard of a man…not a tame house cat that they can manipulate and control.

(no house cats were manipulated in the writing of this description)

I could reject a guy for not bringing more of this out (It’s like something feels off to me and I’m NOT getting the energy I need from him so I have no choice but to reject him–is what it feels like) and still know he has it simmering under the surface. In fact, I’d be keeping him around, hoping he somehow wises up and brings it out one day, and when he does I would reconsider.

But I AM NOT going to hand him the keys to the kingdom. Subconsciously I feel HE needs to be man enough to find it in himself or I’ll find someone else who will.

Every man has this quality. It can not be taken away from him. Maybe you understand what I mean if you’re a guy and you understand that ALL women have something essentially feminine about them and it is always attractive no matter what.

I hope you understand my meaning in this video and if you feel me, please comment down below!