In Defense of the Capital Breach

That is OUR house. Every brick was paid for with OUR money.

These politician cunts needed a reminder that they work for US, the people.

Most of them stayed within the Ropes.

And it hardly compares with the looting and burning of our cities that summer by antifa and blm.

Maybe they went a bit far, but basically it was just trespassing…if that.

And let’s not forget that the entire incident was planned and fostered by the demonrats. The police were removing barricades and waving them in.

An FBI affiliated guy (forget his name) was instigating everybody.

Tearing down the statues of our past (These were Americans after all), it was fitting to see the Rebel Flag in our capital for the first time in history.

People should do their research on the Civil War. It had fuck all to do with slavery. Slavery was just the cherry on top.

It had to do with exorbitant taxation by the North against the South. At first it was called the “The War of Northern Aggression “.

What kicked it off was the North imposed a 38% Import Tax on the South, and the South said ‘Fuck This’, and decided to secede.

What the Rebel Flag represents is opposition to tyranny……there’s nothing racist about it.

Before you judge and have opinions about shit, it helps to research your REASONS for such. Bullshit reasons (mostly from the lying media) lead to bullshit opinions.