Complete CoronaVirus/Covid-19 Info andTips

We went down quite a few Rabbit Trails to compile this information. We think it’s pretty complete (including avoidance, and treatment), but there is surely more information that can be added. Please contact us if there is anything else you know about, and we will add it. Contact us.

Prevention and Cure for Covid (Ivermectin):

Latest Update: 2-16-22. See more below in Update Section.

It looks like it’s over. Covid made it’s Own Vaccine: Omicron.
Symptoms of Omicron are like the common cold.
I’ve stopped wearing masks, unless I go somewhere they make me wear one. I’m trying (Maybe I already had it) to CATCH Omicron. Because it gives you organic natural immunity to ALL of Covid, and it’s like having a cold.

Omicron should get FDA Approval. More people have died from the fucking vaccines than Omicron.

If it was up to me, when Omicron first made it’s appearance I would have announced Official Omicron Parties: An official announcement would have said: ‘We have 4 people with Omicron and they will be at the community center this Saturday. Come by and they will breathe on you.”

CoronaVirus CURE: Ivermectin!!

YouTube Censorship Assholes removed the video about Ivermectin, which is basically a Silver Bullet against the CCP CoronaVirus. It both helps prevent and CURES the virus.

Here is Dr. Kory at a Senate Hearing on the wonders of Ivermectin. “If you take it you will NOT get sick!!!”

— Yes. youtube assholes removed a United States of America SENATE HEARING VIDEO …….cunts.

Dr. Marik has developed a wonderful protocol to prevent/heal the CCP CoronaVirus:

Highlights of this Protocol are: Quercetin + Zinc, Ivermectin, Large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Melatonin at night:

There is also the Math Protocol here:

HydroxyChloroquine Works!!

Hydroxychloroquine WORKS. It has to be given relatively early, AND combined with Zinc. Recent news articles by the POLITICAL FAKE NEWS and Anti-Trump press are complete Bullshit. The ‘study’ quoted is also complete Bullshit. See this Video for an explanation:
Also see study below under Remedies.
The Recent lancet ‘study’ is Complete Fiction!

Chloroquine is also an ionophore that allows Zinc to enter cells, and works very well, but you need a prescription to get it. It’s used against malaria. Info on Chloroquine:

Thousands of Doctors: Yes, Hydroxychloroquine Works:

Hydroxychloroquine ‘Most Effective’ CoronaVirus Treatment:

Important NEW Info on CoronaVirus/Covd-19!!:

Also, please read this entire post, and be sure to watch the Grapefruit Video at the end.

Please Share this post with as many people as you can. We’ll save some lives.

If you get nothing else from this blog post, Get THIS: When you go out in public, WEAR A MASK, or a Scarf (wrapped twice around your lower face), or ANYTHING you can think of :

Because it spreads by being inside micro droplets of spit that people expel when they talk, sneeze, or cough. Even when they breathe. And
No micro droplets = No Spread.

The entire Czech Republic is wearing masks/scarves. They have it under control.

Short Summary Video that explains all about CoronaVirus:


Another Video with answers to questions about the virus:

We are constantly updating this blog entry as new information comes in. So check back periodically.

Update 12-4-20 (More details further down).
Ivermectin (Order on Amazon. It’s sold there for horses, but is safe to take by humans. They give it to multi million dollar racing thoroughbreds, so it’s totally safe: 1/4-1/2 inch out of the tube is the human dosage. During the crisis, I must have gone through 8 tubes or so, and other than an urge to stamp my foot and whinney a bit, there have been no side effects…lol) seems to be a Silver Bullet against CoronaVirus:

Many Studies PROVE Ivermectin Works!

Assholes at youtube deleted this video…but it highlights MANY medical studies that prove Ivermectin Works!
Deleted video:

Previous Updates: (More details further down).


41. Low doses of Aspirin (150mg/day) found to decrease deaths and ICU admittance:
40. Doctor has Huge Success with Novel Treatment:
39. Another patient study shows amazing results using Ivermectin:
38. Ivermectin Triple Therapy developed by Australian Professor Thomas Borody proves to be amazingly effective at combating CoronaVirus:
Ivermectin is commonly available as a veterinary medication. (Amazon, etc)

37. Azithromycin + Hydroxychloroquine Combo wipes out CoronaVirus:

36. Adequate/Higher Vitamin D levels has a huge effect on combating CoronaVirus:
35. Budesonide Inhaler touted as Silver Bullet against CoronaVirus by Texas MD:
34. Asthma/Allergy corticosteroid inhalers shown to have benefits as a treatment.
33. Noted Virologist Birger Sorensen states CoronaVirus came from a Laboratory!
32. The Prone position (on your stomach) is very helpful on oxygenation if you have CoronaVirus: Also make sure you get plenty of Vitamin D, whether you have this or not. ALSO, the new D614G mutation of the virus is MUCH more infectious, and will infect people who recovered from the original virus. Bottom Line: WEAR A MASK PEOPLE!!!!!
31. Dexamethasone proven beneficial in advanced illness due to CoronaVirus:
30. Avoid all foods that contain high fructose corn syrup. Fructose makes you more susceptible to CoronaVirus, and will make it worse if you get it. Also make sure you get lots of Vitamin D:
29. Use your car to sterilize clothes, masks, etc. Park it in the sun, and it will get very hot and inactivate the virus.28. lancet anti HydroxyChloroquine ‘study’ is Complete Fiction!:
27. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as Treatment for Coronavirus:
26. CoronaVirus Answers from Consumer Labs:
25. Anti CoronaVirus Foods:
24. East Virginia Medical Treatment Protocol (Kudos!):
23. Proof that CoronaVirus is MAN-MADE:
22. CoronaVirus is MAN MADE in a Wuhan Lab. Smoking Gun:
21. Newsweek article hints CoronaVirus was created in Wuhan Lab and escaped. Fauci involved:
20. It’s been discovered that the virus causes very extensive blood clots: Natural Blood Thinners should help: Supplements that thin blood/break down clots: Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, can both be purchased online. Use caution with these as some people have serious side effects.
19. Pepcid (famotidine) shows promise as a treatment:
18. Study reports that nicotine helps block the virus.
17. Hydroxychloroquine WORKS. Recent news articles that Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work are POLITICAL BULLSHIT. See below.
16. Doctor’s Prevention and Home to Work and back Home Protocol.
15. Forest Bathing improves immune system.
14. New Hydro Therapy is Very Promising!
13. Lessons from 1918 Flu:
12. Is CoronaVirus a Blood Disease? (See article in Vitamin C section below)
11. Melatonin combined with Vitamin C fights the virus.
10. Shop Towels to make N95 Masks
9. Higher Levels of Vitamin D.
8. Quercetin Levels in Foods
7. Creative Mask Materials.
6. Mushroom Remedies.
5. Hot Baths/Cold Showers.
4. More mask tips (oven trick), how to handle Groceries.
3. Ventilator Tip (scroll down)
2. Heat treatment (In Remedy Section below).
1. Update on Masks vs No Masks:

World Realtime Case Numbers:

Epidemic Stats:
Johns Hopkins CoronaVirus Interactive Map:

Please take this very seriously.

There is a Doctor currently working in a NY Hospital Emergency Care center. He was working in Africa during the Ebola outbreak. He himself contracted Ebola and recovered. He was not afraid of Ebola, but he says CoronaVirus scares him shitless (paraphrased).

At this point you have NO IDEA who has this and is infecting everyone that’s around them. It is EVERYWHERE.

Even if you don’t care that you get it, at least take protective measures so you don’t bring it home to your loved ones.

It’s not just the elderly who are at high risk for a major impact on their health, and possibly death. We’re getting reports out of Italy that young, healthy people are coming down with it. The youngest is 16 and is on a respirator. Another in his 30’s (a Marathon Runner) also has a severe case of it. Bottom Line: Everybody is now at risk.

The other impact that isn’t being talked about much is to our economy, and being able to buy the things we’re used to. This WILL all be interrupted in a major way. And it’s already started.

Make sure you have enough supplies, food, water to last you a few months. Remember your pets also and get a nice supply of food for them.

Best Sites for CoronaVirus Status and Updates:

Dr. Seheult’s Precautions and Protocol from Home to Work and back Home:

Chris Martenson, PhD, makes EXCELLENT videos about the current situation:

Great info on Viruses:

Daily CoronaVirus Situation Reports. Watch the numbers of new cases:

Tracking the spread and mutations/strains of CoronaVirus:

Online Covid-19 Round Table Lessons from 1918 Spanish Flu:

This is all from stuff I’ve researched, and believe to be correct. It may NOT all be viable, SO:

Use these tips at your own discretion.

If you have any other tips, or information, pls Contact us.


  1. CoronaVirus is spread ONLY by being inside micro droplets of fluids (spit mainly) that are expelled by people that are infected. Even breathing and talking releases some micro droplets (I was in the front row of a theatre one time, and it was UnBelievable how many droplets were expelled by the actors just talking). Of course, sneezing and coughing release a lot more into the air. Most of the heavier droplets fall to the floor pretty rapidly. But the little ones can hang around for quite some time.
  2. Symptoms can take up to 20+ days to show up. And people with NO symptoms, that have it, can spread it. That’s what makes it so insidious. The safest mindset is to: Assume that EVERYBODY has it. There are also people who will not ever get any symptoms. These people are responsible for up to 70% of the infections out there (New study from China).
  3. The size of the ‘inoculum’ (how many viruses you are infected with) plays a large part in the progression of the disease in your body. If you only get a small amount, it gives your body a longer time to mount a defense, because it takes the virus time to increase it’s numbers. But if you get a large amount, the virus will multiply much more rapidly, and your body will not have that time, and you’ll get a lot sicker. This is why a mask/scarf is so important. It will radically reduce the number of viruses that enter your body.
  4. Gloves. These will give you a false sense of security. The virus CANNOT penetrate skin. And the virus can just as easily attach to gloves as it can to skin. And then you can transfer it to your mouth/nose, where it CAN enter your body. You need to sanitize/wash your hands OR your gloves. Gloves will only work if you remove and dispose of them whenever you have contacted possible contamination. It’s better if you just sanitize/wash your hands instead of wearing gloves.
  5. Avoid all gatherings if possible. Bottom Line: Avoid people in general. Self Quarantine if you are able.
  6. Keep your distance from other people. 6+ feet is recommended.
  7. Avoid touching your face before you have washed or sanitized your hands. Lots of info is on the web about that. Just washing your hands isn’t going to protect you. You need to consider the whole system of how it spreads: After washing, your hands are in a clean state, however touching surfaces/objects, OR being around an infected person (People can show NO symptoms for up to 20 days, and still infect others) can deposit droplets on your hands, clothes, etc.
  8. Hand/Surface Sanitizers (Many of these are in short supply now):
  9. Viruses are not ‘alive’, so they can’t be ‘killed’. It bugs me when medical doctors refer to killing the virus. But you CAN ‘inactivate’ it by destroying/damaging it’s outer protein layer. High temperatures will inactivate it. Military Study on effect of heat to inactivate viruses: .
    Another study:
    Update: 45 Min at 170F/75C inactivates the virus. Higher temperatures will work in less time. (The bleach solution below takes about 30 seconds):

    DIY Hand Sanitizer:
    60%+ Alcohol (but it evaporates too fast).
    Mixed with aloe solution and maybe some essential oils, will make a fine hand sanitizer (use 90%+ Isopropyl if you’re gonna mix stuff in with it). Supplies are getting low.

    Will help inactivate the virus by pulling apart the outer protein shell — destroying the virus. Soap will also attach to the outer shell, and everything can flush down the drain while you’re washing your hands. It takes about 20 seconds for soap to pull apart the virus shell.

    Bleach solution:
    • 1 Part bleach to 20 parts water. This results in a .25% Solution.
      Put it in a spray bottle. Use this to sanitize everything that could have the virus on it.
    • You can also use pool shock powder, but that’s very strong stuff.
      How much to put in a gallon of water depends on the product (it will be very little). You could also crush up pool tablets and use those. Remember this is STRONG stuff, so be careful. Read the label and you can calculate how much to use. What you want is 2500 ppm (Parts per Million) to give a .25% solution.
    • They say bleach is not for skin, but I think it works fine. Been using it for a number of weeks now with no real effect. You could always use a moisturizer if your skin dries out.
  10. Masks/Scarves are CRUCIAL, since it is spread mainly by aerosol droplets (spit). Don’t listen to those idiots that say masks don’t help. You’ve seen the videos of Asian areas and everybody is wearing a mask. Asians have gone through all this before, and they should know. Why is every health care worker/doctor wearing a mask?
    Masks vs No Masks:
    • I think a scarf wrapped around the lower part of your face twice is probably the easiest if you don’t have access to masks, or can’t make one.
    • Do not touch the front of the mask/scarf when you take it off, since that’s where any aerosol droplets will tend to concentrate.
    • You can wash the scarf when you get home.
    • You can also put the mask/scarf into the oven (use a paper bag/tin foil). 45 min at 170F/75C will inactivate the virus. Preheat oven first. This will let you reuse masks. Do NOT use a microwave.
    • Spray the outside area of the mask with bleach solution to disinfect. It will need to dry completely before you can use it again. Put it out in the sun and all the chlorine will evaporate. If you have a mask with removable filters, just sanitize the outside and rubber of the mask with bleach solution. Spraying the actual filter medium will make it wet and you won’t be able to reuse those until the bleach evaporates completely.
  11. Goggles/Glasses
    • They help prevent aerosol droplets getting into your eyes. Sanitize when you take them off. Wash your hands or sanitize after.
  12. Cash Money
    • Sanitize it with diluted bleach spray.
  13. Stock up on food, water, etc…Remember pet food.
  14. Spray down EVERYTHING you get from a grocery or other store. We recommend putting it all in your trunk, back of the SUV/Van. Then spray it all down with your diluted bleach solution. Sanitize all cash, the receipt, credit cards, wallet and of course your hands. With your wet hands wipe the door handles/hatch handle also. Imagine everything has glitter on it, and your bleach solution will get rid of it.
  15. When you get home, leave your shoes outside. Or put them in a bag/sterilize them, especially the soles. Also wash your clothes after coming home. Have a scarf/mask on when you take them off. Wearing coveralls when you go out is good. Wash those also when you get home. Sanitize/wash your hands after you remove your clothes and put them in the washer. Detergent /washing will inactivate the virus.
  16. Update on Clothes. Apparently the risk is low that you can get infected from clothing. Clothing will tend to ‘trap’ the virus. However, exercise caution and wash your hands after touching clothing. DO wash/heat your scarf when you come home. And you should wash clothing if you were in a high risk area. To be extra safe, wash your clothing when you get home.
    Smooth surface clothing/items such as leather/vinyl, etc should be wiped down with disinfectant, since the virus will last longer on smooth surfaces.
    More Info on Clothes:
  17. Remember that micro droplets can be deposited on your face, skin, clothes, and shoes. Just be aware of that.
  18. Various supplements for prevention/treatment:
    • Elderberry (Syrup is very good)
    • Zinc (More info on this below)
    • Vitamin C and D (Scroll down for more details on this)
    • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in glass of water every morning before breakfast.
      (This from a 100 year old lady that went through the Spanish Flu of 1918)
  19. Toilet Paper Substitute: Paper Towels. The tear off a size kind. You may never go back to TP again…lol.
  20. Exercise to stay as healthy as possible. The #1 best exercise is jumping rope. You don’t need a rope. Just pretend you have one. And you can do this anywhere.
  21. Get plenty of Sleep.
  22. Get lots of Sunlight. This will boost your Vitamin D levels. During the 1918 Flu Epidemic, it was found that patients who were put outside in Sunlight recovered/did better.

My CoronaVirus Solution:

#WearaScarf #StopCoronaVirus

If everybody wore a mask or double wrapped scarf around their lower face (or anything else you can think of), then it can’t spread.

Incubation period is up to 20+ days, so even if you have no symptoms, you could be spreading it…but not if you wear a scarf/mask.

Also a scarf will probably stop most if not all of the micro droplets (how it spreads) coming in.

Of course if you have a mask, wear that, but there’s no shortage of scarves (yet), and they’re easy to make. You just need a little cloth.

Avoid touching the front of the mask/scarf, because that’s where the micro droplets are.

When you get home, wash/heat the scarf and your hands.

Please spread this around if you think it’s a good idea.

Here’s a Tweet (140 characters the first time I wrote it….lol..I think its a sign):

#WearaScarf #StopCoronavirus. If everybody did this we could kill it off. This prevents microdroplets in the air by which the virus spreads

CoronaVirus Possible Remedies:

DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN!!! or pills that contain it. It will make it WORSE!

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as Treatment for Coronavirus: NAC is a Supplement you can get at Health Food Stores or Amazon.

To Help Prevent getting Coronavirus (From EVMS below):

• Vitamin C 500 mg twice a day and Quercetin 250-500 mg twice a day
• Zinc 75-100 mg/day (acetate, gluconate or picolinate). Zinc lozenges are preferred. After 1 month, reduce the dose to 30-50 mg/day.
• Melatonin (slow release): Begin with 0.3mg and increase as tolerated to 2 mg at night
• Vitamin D3 1000-4000 u/day

East Virginia Medical School Protocol (This is what they have found works):

Do NOT take more than 100mg of Zinc/Day!

Drink Plenty of Fluids! Water, Tea, Lemonade, etc.
Avoid Gatorade (has tons of sugar in it) and all Sugar!!

Forest Bathing improves Immune Response:

New Hydro Therapy Protocol is very promising:

Zinc: Zinc 75-100 mg/day (acetate, gluconate or picolinate). Zinc lozenges are preferred. After 1 month, reduce the dose to 30-50 mg/day.

Zinc inhibits virus replication in cells.

However Zinc is an ion, and has trouble passing through the cell membrane.

The best food source for Zinc is Oysters. Next in order are Toasted Wheat Germ, Poppy Seeds, Alaskan King Crab legs, Chicken Giblets, Beef Chuck Roast.

Enter Quercetin, which acts as an ionophore, which allows Zinc to enter the cell more readily.

Once inside the cell, Zinc acts to decrease CoronaVirus replication.

Sources of Quercetin include many vegetables, but the best one is Capers. Canned Capers – 181mg, Lovage Leaves – 170mg, Elderberry Juice Concentrated – 108mg, Radish Leaves – 70mg, Cilantro – 53mg, Juniper Berries – 47mg, Red Onions – 40mg. Buckwheat – 23mg, Lingon Berries – 21mg, Dry Cocoa powder – 20mg, All per 100g. Excellent info and food levels:

Quercetin is available as a supplement on Amazon, and Health Food Stores. Best type is Quercetin dihydrate. Take Quercetin with a little fat (seeds/nuts), which will help absorption.

Do NOT take Quercetin if you are following a High Vitamin C protocol, since Quercetin inteferes with Vitamin C absoption.

Chloroquine is also an ionophore that allows Zinc to enter cells, and works very well, but you need a prescription to get it. It’s used against malaria. Info on Chloroquine:

Video by Dr. Roger Seheult (MedCram):

Info on Quercetin and Chloroquine:

You can also use Zinc Lozenges (Cold-Eeze is one brand). These will allow zinc to dribble down your throat and help stop replication of any viruses that are lodged there.
We’ve found that a regular hard Zinc pill will dissolve pretty slowly in your mouth, and will work to bathe your throat with Zinc the same way.

Too much Zinc will lead to a Copper/Iron deficiency. So you might want to take a Copper supplement, or a Zinc/Copper combo supplement.

Limit Zinc to 100mg/day max.

Vitamin D. Vitamin D is available as a supplement, and is also made by the body if your skin is in sunlight. Vitamin D helps the immune system. Research shows that high levels of Vitamin D (10,000-30,000iu/Day) will help fight off disease/viruses. Detailed Video on Vitamin D:

Vitamin C :

Do not take Quercetin if you are following this regimen, since Quercetin interferes significantly with Vitamin C absorption. However, you can combine both if you are taking very high doses of Vitamin C.

Is CoronaVirus a blood disease?
A unique new theory on how Covid-19 works, and why high doses of Vitamin C are so beneficial:

There’s a controversy over Vitamin C as (Ascorbic Acid) and WholeFood Vitamin C. We are tending to support the Whole Food variety, but Vitamin C in any form will help.

Very high doses of Vitamin C (10,000+mg/day. That’s 10+ grams) have been shown to cure many ailments. There are studies that go back to the 1950’s. We recommend high doses of Vitamin C.

Videos relating to large doses of Vitamin C:

More info on high doses of Vitamin C:

More info on the different types of Vitamin C Supplements:

Vitamin C. Natural vs Synthetic:

Study on Vitamin C for Critically Ill Patients:

Pepcid/Famotidine: Study shows Pepcid/Famotidine is Very helpful in treating CoronaVirus!

Melatonin: One theory is that Kids aren’t affected as much because their Melatonin levels are a lot higher than adults. A new study recommends Melatonin combined with Vitamin C that is proving very beneficial in fighting Covid-19:

Selenium: Helps prevent/treat CoronaVirus.

Elderberry. Many studies have shown that Elderberry is very good at supporting your immune system, and lessening the effects of viral infections. Get the syrup, because that’s the best form. This is a good source (we have no affiliation):

Drink hot fluids: Tea, Coffee, Soups, etc. CoronaVirus doesn’t like heat. You could have a hot cup of something when you return home, to possibly inactivate anything in your throat that you could have picked up. Also gargle with hot fluids and/or hot water with salt added. Hot Lemonade (without sugar) is good.

Pancreatic Enzymes:
These are 3 Enzymes (Protease, Amylase and Lipase) that will destroy the protein shell of CoronaVirus. These enzymes are also contained in other digestive supplements/ products.
Read the label to see if these enzymes are present.
You want the powdered capsules.
When you get home, put 1/4 of the powder of one capsule in the back of your throat and swallow. This will give you 4 doses per capsule, that you can use over an hour or so.
This will tend to destroy any viruses that it comes in contact with.
So if you’ve gotten some micro droplets while you were out or with another person, this will help avoid infection, or at least mitigate it.
Also do this if you are showing symptoms like a dry cough. Because the virus initially lodges in the throat.
This will also help if you have it.
Note: It tastes like crap, but that’s a small price to pay for it’s benefits.

Taking a Very Hot Bath will trigger/increase your immune system response. Ditto for a sauna/steam room. When you increase your body temperature, it will stimulate your immune system. Also taking a cold shower afterwards will help.
When my friend gets a cold/flu, he puts on a sweatsuit and covers himself up in bed. Then he says he ‘sweats it out’.
If you get a Fever that is a GOOD thing, because that stimulates the immune system to fight the virus. It’s a very natural reaction by the body.
Of course if a fever gets VERY high, there is risk of damage to your brain.

Mushrooms: Have been proven to work on illnesses and help the immune system. Extensive information:
Turkey Tail:
Other mushrooms like Reishi, Lions Mane, Chaga, etc also help.

Avoid sugar!. Sugar leads to a decrease in your gut immune system.

Colloidal Silver: Possible remedy. Many people say it works:

Old Remedy from 1918:
1/2 teaspoon baking soda in glass of water every morning before breakfast.
(This from a 100 year old lady that went through the Spanish Flu of 1918)

Natural Diet Summary:
Oysters, Canned Capers/Radish Leaves/Cilantro, LOTS of Vitamin C, Vitamin D/Sunshine, Hot Fluids.

What it’s like to get CoronaVirus

Here’s a video of a 20 something girl (Sydney Watson) that got the virus:

Worst Case Scenario

Ventilator Tip:

Ventilators should be avoided as much as possible!
However, people lying on their stomachs while on a ventilator have a much higher chance of surviving. If you or a loved one is on a ventilator, make them put you/them on your/their stomach!

Vitamin C as an IV:

When COVID-19 cases hit Virginia, Dr. Marik used his full HAT protocol (IV hydrocortisone, ascorbic acid, thiamine) on ARDS patients in the ICU, while also adding the drugs and supplements used by the Chinese: hydroxychloroquine (anti-malarial), zithromax (antibiotic), oral Zinc and Melatonin.

The results have been remarkable. He recently saved four COVID-19 patients, including an 86-year old man with heart disease who was admitted to the hospital on 100% oxygen, by using the protocol. (86-year old men with heart disease do not normally survive COVID-19!).

Tips from a Doctor in China:

Last evening dining out with friends, one of their uncles, who’s graduated with a master’s degree and who worked in Shenzhen Hospital (Guangdong Province, China) sent him the following notes on Coronavirus for guidance:

  1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold
  2. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose.
  3. This new virus is NOT heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 26/27 degrees (79-81F). It hates the Sun. (Edit. This makes no sense, since our bodies are at 98.6F. It could mean that if the virus is outside on a surface, it doesn’t take much heat to inactivate it. But that probably takes quite some time).
  4. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne.
  5. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours – so if you come into contact with any metal surface – wash your hands as soon as you can with a bacterial soap.
  6. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours. normal laundry detergent will kill it.
  7. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink liquids with ice.
  8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, but – a lot can happen during that time – you can rub your eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on.
  9. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm water will suffice.
  10. Can’t emphasise enough – drink plenty of water!
  11. It will first infect the throat, so you’ll have a sore throat lasting 3/4 days
  12. The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further.
  13. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing.
  14. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you’re drowning. It’s imperative you then seek immediate attention.

A Bit of Humor

Pearl found inside a Grapefruit:

A Bit of Strength and Hope

CoronaVirus for Dummies



Final Thoughts

The way our government has handled this crisis is truly pathetic. For being the #1 nation in the world, we are WAY behind the 8 Ball on this, and numerous nations are handling this MUCH more professionally than we are (Czech Republic for one. Mandatory masks for all). Example: A virtual lack of test kits….well, they have them overseas. Did anyone consider buying them, or are we too proud for that? Better to kill our citizens than lose face. Another Example: Prohibiting gatherings of ‘over 500’ …… infecting 500 people is OK? It has been reduced in steps now. 100, 50, and lately Trump has made it 10. How about ONE?????

And let’s not forget their ‘recommendation’ AGAINST masks! That was absolutely Criminal, and both increased the spread tremendously, and caused a lot of deaths:

Here’s the IRONY of masks re: CoronaVirus/COVID-19:

If they would have recommended EVERYONE wear a mask/scarf from the Get Go….the spread would have slowed WAY DOWN, and health care workers wouldn’t NEED millions of masks….cause there would have been WAY less cases…..Get it?

We apparently learned Nothing from Katrina.

What happened to us? What happened to the America of old? Is it because our politicians are idiots? Is it because everybody is glued to a smart phone? Because everybody is getting ‘offended’ now? That we have nothing more important to do than work on ‘social justice’? That we need ‘safe spaces’?

Well, this virus is going to bring everything into focus in a Big Way….and maybe this reality will force us to become logical, rational, and effective Adults again……but I’m not holding my breath….lol.

One thought I had is that this Virus is going to do a major house cleaning on our politicians. They meet/contact a LOT of people. When you do that your chances of getting infected are very high. Maybe we will get a new crew of responsible Adults, who will make effective changes to the whole system.

And nobody is bored anymore are they?………

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