Freeway Driving

Basically, if you are mindful of your driving and trying to get someplace expeditiously, freeway driving boils down to fighting your way through one Road Clot after another.

These Road Clots are created by the assholes who live in the fast (far left) lane. They have a Gandolf mindset of ‘thou shalt not pass’ …lol.

Not to mention the inborn trait of people that makes them drive in a group. I don’t get that at all. You should NEVER drive with a car next to you….unless you’re in heavy traffic and it can’t be avoided….but minimize that practice as much as possible.

SO, if you want to make good time, keep to the right 2 lanes. You will fly by the assholes in the fast lane.

And as soon as you pass a truck, swing into his lane. The way will most likely be clear for a long ways, and you can haul ass.

If the way is clear, just go around an asshole in the fast lane. Some ride the bumpers of these cretins, trying to get them to pull over. Usually that effort is futile…..just go around them and stick to the slow lanes for the most part.

Hauling ass in the slow lane also tends to hide you from cops, since they are usually looking for speeders in the fast lane.