Computer On. Mobile Phone Off.

Always keep your computer on.

I was going to say ‘Never turn your Computer off’, but that is the Negative way to say it.

Electronics fail for the most part by being powered on and off. When you turn them on, they heat up to operate. You turn them off, and they cool down. This cycle is what causes electronics to fail.

SO, Always keep your computer on, and it will last as long as it can. And fwiw, the electric cost is negligible, especially compared to the cost of repairing/replacing your computer.

Mobile phones on the other hand must be turned off. When?

When you go to sleep that’s when.

Sleep is Sacred, and should always be allowed to finish if possible.

Whatever situation occurs that would prompt a phone call, can wait until you wake up to be dealt with.

Most emergencies have to wait until morning anyway, and all a phone call will do is upset you to no avail.

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