How To Protect Rear Camera Lens on Google Pixel

The problem is that the camera sticks out a little on the back of the Google Pixel. So when you set it down that is what makes contact with the surface.

Which would be fine if the metal ring around the camera lens glass were a little higher than the glass itself. But it’s flush, so the glass is easily scratched.

So what you do is take a small piece of packing tape and stick it down over the camera lens. You can make this piece any shape, as long as it covers the ring/glass and sticks out a bit from the circumference of the metal ring.

Then take an Xacto knife, or better yet a scalpel and cut around the ring. Then remove the circle of tape that’s over the glass lens.

This will give enough clearance so the glass doesn’t make direct contact with the surface of where you set it. You could make 2 layers also for even more clearance.

And you can easily replace the tape when needed.

You could use scotch tape I guess, but packing tape sticks better.

They do make metal protection rings for a lot of phones, but I couldn’t find one for the Pixel.

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