Paint / Varnish Removal Trick

New paint removal solutions are pretty weak, and don’t work half as well as previous products.

The trick with these is once they are applied, they need to stay wet, so you have to use a lot of solution, and then start scraping when they are still wet. If you let them dry out, the paint won’t scrape off.

SO, a nice trick is to put a piece of glass over the area where the paint remover has been applied. This will keep it wet, and after a few minutes you can start to scrape off the paint.

And if you’re trying to remove the mirroring on glass, and you have multiple pieces that you’re doing that to, stick them together and you’ll loosen the paint on both surfaces at the same time.

After the brown layer has been scraped off, you can use Muriatic Acid to dissolve the mirroring.

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